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Ardis Bazyn: Inspirational Speaker


Overcome Any Obstacle,
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Are you an individual or organization wanting to reach your full potential? In my 25 years as a motivational speaker, I’ve been travelling the country speaking to people just like you. Most people face difficult challenges in their lives. I definitely have and dealt with them successfully.

As someone who lost my sight at the age of twenty, it is my mission and purpose to help you overcome your challenges.

To that end, I have designed many tools for different individuals and groups, including: churches, membership organizations, as well as businesses and corporations.
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, a Documentary Short Film by a Student Filmmaker at Los Angeles City College.

Ardis's book "Success Simplified" on sale now on our Products Page.

MBA Certificate at ABWA National Leadership Conference
Ardis Bazyn receiving MBA Certificate at American Business Women’s Association National Leadership Conference in Lancaster PA

Ardis attended the National Leadership Conference for American Business Womens Association in Lancaster PA from October 11-14. She says, “It was a rewarding conference and I learned many tips I can share with my clients. Some classes I attended covered topics in operational management, business fraud, and behavioral management. I received enough credits to receive my MBA Certificate, a four year process. Please contact me to learn more about classes and opportunities with ABWA”.

•   Secrets to Coping with Challenges and Overcoming Change
•   Creating a Positive Attitude to Destroy Obsticles in Your Path
•   How to Create A Plan for Personal and Professional Success
•   Strategies that will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”
•   Diversity training
•   Master Time Management in Five Easy Steps
•   How to Fight Stress And Win
•   Image Makeovers
•   Team Building
•   Leadership Training
•   Is Entrepreneurship for You?

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“Making the Impossible, Possible”
Ardis Bazyn
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