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Summer 2022

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Dear Readers,
Have you taken time to reflect on the positive influence you’ve had on others this year? Each day, as we handle our daily tasks and conquer obstacles, have you counted your blessings? When I hear so much bad news, I want to inspire and encourage more people each day. I think our positive attitude toward life does help others. Please read the article I wrote for this newsletter: “15 Tips to consider when marketing your business.” As a business coach, I try to keep clients motivated and on target. Take advantage of my free consultation.

In recent months, my travels included Denver, CO a few times; Omaha, NE; and St. Louis, MO. In the next few months, I’ll be flying to Washington, DC; Sioux Falls, SD; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; Seattle, WA; Cedar Rapids, IA; and Sioux Falls, SD again. To give organizations and corporations discounted speaking fees, I try to coordinate events and trainings. Please let me know about events or possible speaking opportunities in these and other areas, since I’m always adding cities to my itinerary.
Have a productive and happy fall!
Ardis Bazyn

15 Tips to consider when marketing your business

By Ardis Bazyn, Speaker, business coach, and writer with Bazyn Communications

  1. Do you currently have a marketing plan? What are your current marketing strategies? What differentiates you from others: What specific benefits do you offer? Who are your customers? Do you serve a specific niche? Do you offer a more personalized service?
  2. Which benefits of your business should you emphasize? What issues are most important to your prospects?
  3. What do your business cards say about you?
  4. Do you write tip sheets that include your contact info?
  5. Do you create Online newsletters to send to your contact list? You could provide a few tips.
  6. Are you Listed And/Or Advertise In Local Online Directories? Check online directories and local events calendars/websites to place events and articles. Create an article of interest to put on these sites
  7. Do you have a Website to highlight your business? If so, trade Links With Local Businesses.
  8. Do you distribute Promotional Merchandise?
  9. Do you visit or belong to Networking organizations or service organizations? It takes time to build relationships.
  10. Do you ask for testimonials and referrals from current customers?
  11. Do you currently write letters or emails to customers thanking them for their business or referrals? Remember Business Correspondence whether written or calling past customers regularly reminds them you are still around. Tell customers about other services you have.
  12. Do you regularly meet with other business owners?
  13. Do you make cold calls?
  14. Do you occasionally offer seminars?
  15. Do you have a blog, Facebook page, LinkIn page, or other social media where you post articles, videos, or testimonials?

    For other tips, ask about my book “Building Blocks to Success: Does the Image of Your Business attract Customers and Motivate Employees?”
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“Making the Impossible Possible”

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