Would you like to work with others to help them become leaders?

Join the American Business Women’s Association VerdugoGlen Chapter to learn from our speaker, Karen Oliver, owner of KO Consulting, who assists others with spreadsheets. She will give us tips on mentoring people to become leaders. Previously, she was co -owner of CITA ONE INC, a Tax Accounting firm in Long Beach. Karen received an Associate Degree in Business Administration and is one of the few to receive a Titanium Educational Award from ABWA.  She has been a leader of communications throughout the American Business Women’s Association organization as a Communicator, reaching out to thousands to bring cheer and hope. During her 32 years as a member of the American Business Women’s Association, she has been a leader, sitting on several League Executive Boards. She has been honored for volunteering   many hours with organizations in their various projects helping to mentor individuals to reach their goals and dreams. She is currently a member of Diamonds of Southbay, Long Beach, CA; Chair of the ABWA’s 2016 Publishing Committee; ABWA 2017/18 District VI Vice President; and currently ABWA District VI Ambassador Steering Committee Rep.

·         When: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

·         Arrive before 6:45 pm to Network.

·         To make a reservation to receive the Zoom call information, email: abwaverdugoglen@gmail.com

We would love to see you!

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The MISSION STATEMENT of the American Business Women’s Association is to bring together business women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.

Ardis Bazyn , VerdugoGlen President


“Making the Impossible Possible”

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